Seven Branches of Learning

The Seven Branches of Learning

seven branches of learning manassas school

Language Development

At Seven Oaks Academy of Manassas children are encouraged to converse with teachers and other students during learning centers, outdoor play, interactive circle time and show and tell. Phonic based language concepts, nursery rhymes, flash cards, foreign languages and music are introduced at every level for language enrichment.

Cognitive Development

Through active involvement with their environment, children attempt to make sense of the world around them. The richer the environment, the more concrete opportunities there are for children to learn by interacting with materials and people. Seven Oaks is able to provide that rich environment for children. Our enrichment program includes creative movement, tumbling, library, science, writing, manipulative activities, art, dramatic play, blocks, etc. through teacher directed activities and creative learning centers. Throughout the day, children are given opportunities to observe, be active, make choices and experiment.

Positive Self Concept

Through self respect and respect for others, children learn what their talents and gifts are through interacting with their environment and those people directly involved with them each day. We encourage each child to try new ideas at their own state of development. Children mature with a good sense of self as they are allowed to accelerate in the areas they are good at, focusing on the process more than the product.

Interest and Exploration

At Seven Oaks we encourage exploration with opportunities to develop curiosity, use creativity to explore and help with understanding of more complex concepts found in language, sequencing and science.

Social and Emotional Development

During the early stages of child development, children are learning three main stages of social and emotional growth. They learn to trust outside their families, gain independence and self control, and take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways. Seven Oaks staff are trained to help a child develop a sense of trust with those outside their immediate family. We provide consistency, routines, plans and keep our promises to children. Our teachers make contact wit children and provide positive comments throughout the day by praising their efforts, helping them channel frustrations and encourage them to see tasks through to completion. We provide ample opportunity for creativity and independent thinking, exploration and problem solving.

Gross Motor Development

Most children enjoy gross motor activities such as running, skipping, throwing, catching, jumping, climbing, pulling, carrying, balancing, etc. These activities allow children to refine their natural abilities and develop some new skills. We provide outdoor time (weather permitting) as well as indoor activities to allow your child to develop, participate and thrive.

Fine Motor Development

Fine motor and coordination such as building with blocks, stringing beads, placing pegs in holes, drawing with crayons or markers, molding with clay or play dough, using scissors are just a few of the techniques Seven Oaks utilizes to help develop your child’s muscles that are critical for writing. We have set up an environment with activities that help develop eye-hand coordination, sharpen find motor skills and help with problem solving skills.


“I will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. I will be deeply rooted in love and respect and I will always be productive”

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